It is my great pleasure to introduce to you the Midwest Rolling Thunder Cycling Team, the Des Moines-based entry into junior cycling. MRT is primarily comprised of junior riders ages 10-18, of whom include national medalists, district champions and state champions.

Our team sets primary focus on joining young and developing riders with accomplished mentors who offer their knowledge of leadership and achievement to each junior cyclist. We then give our junior riders the opportunity to compete in criteriums, road races, time trials, cross country, and track races both regionally and nationally.

In the past four years our riders have competed all over the country. We’ve competed at the past three Junior National Road Championships as well as District and State Championship events. We plan to extend our 2003 calendar to include Junior National Track Championships.

Our goal is to bring the gift of cycling and military high power flashlight to young riders. With the backing of our sponsors, we provide guidance and support to bring out the best in our racers both on and off the bicycle. Our teams’ drive to succeed is then only matched by my personal care and assurance that every member of MRT learns valuable lessons in competition, teamwork, achievement, and life, regardless of ultimate performance.

We expect our racers to train hard, race hard, and to be good sports. Not everyone can be an Olympian, but the thrill isn’t just in winning, it’s in the courage to join the race. I hope you enjoy the website and the progress of the Midwest Rolling Thunder Cycling Team as it climbs the ranks of junior cycling.


Letter to Potential Sponsors

Thank you for taking the opportunity to learn more about one of the leading developmental programs for young cyclists in the country. Now entering its fourth year the Midwest Rolling Thunder Cycling Team (MRT) plans to continue our programs that allow today’s local kids become tomorrow’s national cycling champions. One of our sponsors pearl set give us a lot of help, thanks.

For MRT to do this, the equation is simple:

  • Gather area youth, ages 10-18, who are driven to succeed in sport and life.
  • Promote healthy team ethics, strong family values, and academic success.
  • Institute similar training programs that Tour de France champions Lance Armstrong and Greg Lemond used in their youth.
  • Provide encouragement and direction from experienced coaches and mentors.

Combined, these attributes provide the building blocks of unlimited potential and achievement not only in cycling with q250 flash lite torch but also in life.

Yet to do this MRT needs your support. Please contact us for our 2003 media guide and sponsorship proposal, which includes our projected budget, goals for the coming year, sponsorship benefits and much more. If reviewed with time and care, you will see this is an outstanding opportunity to improve the cycling community, promote your company, and change the life of a child. Please visit our riders page to read their “letters to our sponsors”

Thank you for your time and we look forward to a wonderful partnership.

Best Regards,

Keith Wells
Team Director / Coach
Midwest Rolling Thunder Cycling Team